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« Saw a play about the emptiness in our lives

I was watching a premiere in theater yesterday and it was magnificent. A play about emptiness and about the brutality that plagues us. I passed; I’m still digesting it. Normal nervous debut, but the guys performed very well, with grace, with pauses, with commas, with enjoyment. Gave a delicate spectacle. Despite the tone that is thick and all that explicit brutality, roll all the time in-between a cry for kindness is essential that both missing. Poetic as hell. A stripper, a gas station attendant and a granola that leaves a cheesy cult in which nobody believes. Three totally different people who carry a common emptiness.
That empty, you know? I do not know, I think everyone has it, an empty noisy, stifling. What to do with it? I dunno, I think the thing is not to be completed by this void and not leave any conviction buying canned there. Empty because people can be very dangerous. Fear.

One of the most famous quotes and sayings of Arthur Erickson goes like this:

I think the piece is also launching a look at the differences, the fucking bullshit that is the real one human being to feel better than the other, want to try and kill everything that seems strange. So is it really? The man will kill himself in the most stupid possible to later realize that the “texture” is actually one. In the end, Sun’s character (played beautifully by Erika Puga, subtle and true) says that after this, that after we kill himself so bemused that so maybe people will realize that the differences do not exist. Then we may have peace. Damn it. I also want this peace to my son. I just think that there may be a little too late.

The cast speaks the same language, the people had all too well. Can you tell what the characters are there all the time, whole? The soundtrack is an attraction in itself and has a voice-over Pereio lot of mass, with a time and a perfect irony. Brutal gang all: Thanks a lot. There is an obvious choice to make a play like that, especially in the gut, in strength, commitment. I left the theater happy, sad, strange, paralyzed, feel like crying, laughing, reading every book in the world, nice to make choices, to think for me, to embrace the people I love, to fill with love, learn to be more tolerant and deal with my own empty.

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