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Ok, there are always people with bigger problems than us. The boy standing at the pool bar anxiously awaiting for 10 bucks to buy a rock of crack or a loved one crying out for someone who is important to her. There are always people out there with bigger problems than us. Thinking about that today I was playing pool in partnership with the devil (not a figure of speech, is his nickname – is a great guy – who knew, right? The devil is a great guy). He talked a little earlier in the grocery with Amanda and she told me as we are all war figures. I agreed with her, but said that we should force us to lucidly avoid this warlike courage we have, including our own good.

Playing pool and serene as a monk in a cold region of China (that’s how I was today – I swear to you – and look that my partner was the devil – perhaps because of this) I was noticing how friends were about to detonating, I was pulling the pins from grenades to a sneeze to be pulled and left the bar just now with a very strange feeling like “I’ve seen this movie before” and I’ve been the star of it. I have fond memories of it. Today I just want to be the guy who disarms bombs. It’s this guy that I aspire to be. I was thinking about the direction my life has taken. I’ve always been a notorious durango. No sooner had money to eat a hot dog. London there was a time that we kind of begged a bus pass to get home (I lived in the Garden of the Sun) and then when I could pass, traded for a hot dog (without coolant) and walk back to home. Only read books in the library. He had no money to buy books.

He spent afternoons in the library. Then came a gang of friends who stole books to us. They said: “Mario, what book do you want?”. I read a headline the next day they presented me with him. But they stole bookstores, not libraries. They were great girls. They also stole wine and bread from the supermarket. But because even I’m saying that? Ah, yes, it is because I was explaining how much was durango.I had no money to buy records, then recorded the songs I liked on tape and walked proudly with them in the pocket of my pants. I had an old army pants I got from my brother who served in the war and shot in the legs it had pockets. I loved the pants pockets, and those tapes always carried in his pockets. The first tape of blues simpler than had been the late Eddy Teddy (the Cokeluche) who recorded for me. It was a perfect selection. I think I have this tape today. Much time has passed.

I keep a very low standard of living. I do not need much money, thank God (great Wally Solomon). Ever wanted to raise my standard of living. I reasoned thus: If I raise my standard of living, I have to make more money. To make more money I’ll have to work harder and I will be forced to do things that even I do not like a lot just to maintain that standard. So I’m down here yourself. I have some bills to pay and have to send money to my daughter when she needs. In even more spending my money on books, CDs and DVDs. In short, today I can buy the books they could not when I was young. The problem is that it is not left me time to read the books

I buy. So actually I have to work as little as possible to stay more time at home and dedicate myself to really like to do in life is to read, listen to music, watching movies and from all this (combined with my bohemian life indispensable) to write. Writing too. That’s what I really enjoy doing. And thinking about it, serene as a monk somewhere very cold in China and avoiding any behavior that war is inherent in me (I’m on) I got into my kitchenette today. That’s why I’ve been refusing to offer me some work as a drama workshop for two days in São Paulo (and they would pay me a nice money). I just do not want to work well. It’s all right. I lead a modest life and am not a little ambitious. It is in this spirit that I’m writing this text. It is in this spirit that I will in a moment to Rio de Janeiro. Maybe I see the sun rise again beyond the 26th floor of Marina (soon I right? That guy miserable beggar a bus pass and moved on to a hot dog. So seeing only as climb in life? I arrived on the 26th floor of the Hotel Marina) or maybe we just stay on the beach while drinking healthy locals practice their healthy jogging. Whatever. What matters is that where I will be thinking about it.

There are always people with much bigger problems than mine. And that’s not an apology for non-conformism. Just a note of praise to those who have no great ambitions. My life is not that important. Not for me it is. So why would it be for someone? Is not it?

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